Canyons Village at Park City Resort

The Canyons-Proximity to Park City
There are condos and timeshares at the Canyons base, and the exclusive single family development “The Colony” is on the Canyons property. There are a few places to eat and whoop it up at the base, but you are not near Park City proper. We say this so that you don’t book a Park City vacation staying at The Canyons Resort, then you are disappointed because the town, restaurants, and such are a 6 mile drive away.  The free bus system does provide transportation throughout the area and can take you anywhere in Park City or the surrounding areas, or you may want to rent a car and explore the area on your own.

The Canyons Elevation and Snow Conditions
The Canyons base elevation is 6800 feet. While the Canyons may receive the same amount of snow fall as Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley, they are usually behind the Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley in terms of opening and they usually lose their snow a little sooner. Be careful if you are coming early or late season. Check snow conditions.

The Canyons Parking Lot to Ski Commute
From the parking lot, you take a cabriolet lift (open air bucket) to the base. At the base you buy your ticket and then get on the gondola. The gondola then takes you to the Red Pine lodge which is the mid-mountain base.

Once at the base, you are now ready to take yet another lift so you can go skiing. This is mentioned because the time from when you park in the lot to when you are on a ski run is usually about 40-45 minutes.

If you are driving to the Canyons and you have kids, just get an early start so that you have plenty of ski time. Obviously, if you are staying at the base of The Canyons Resort the commute is much easier.

The Canyons Layout and Clientele
The Canyons is really spread out. It is expansive. When you ski the Canyons, you cover a lot of terrain. For beginner and intermediate skiers, this means that there are a lot of cat tracks and people mover trails that you have to take to get from one spot to another. The terrain is 14% beginner and 44% intermediate. For the slightly more advanced skier, there is some great terrain that includes nooks and crannies where you can find powder stashes 2-3 days after a good snow fall.

The Canyons has historically always had the best lift pass deals for kids from Salt Lake (used to be that if you made straight As, your season pass was only $100). So, there are usually more local kids on the weekends, and the percentage of snowboarders is probably higher at the Canyons than at the Park City Mountain Resort.