Park City Mountain Resort

Park City Mountain Resort Parking and Access to Lifts
Park City Mountain Resort is one of those places that offers something for everybody. That is probably why families and larger groups tend to go to the Park City Mountain Resort.

The parking lot to ski area access is via 2 lots that are adjacent to a bunny slope. You can park and go to the main base area (slightly uphill) to buy your ticket at the main ticket windows, or you can go to the bottom of the hill and buy your ticket at a little ticket shack at the base of the Three Kings lift. (On busy days, just go to the bottom of the hill.)

The time from parking to skiing a run at the Park City Mountain Resort is usually just 15-20 minutes or so, including the time it takes to buy your ticket.

Park City Mountain Resort Layout and Intermediate Skiers
The Park City Mountain Resort isnt as spread out as the Canyons, although it is a large area with 3300 acres. Because of the number of restaurants and warming huts at the Park City Mountain Resort, it is easier to meet up on the mountain for lunch of a hot chocolate. The beginner terrain is 17% and the intermediate terrain is 51%. The Park City Mountain Resort is a great place for intermediate skiers. It has many runs that are perfect for that minor difference between a weak intermediate and a strong intermediate.

Also, a number of the side-by-side intermediate runs have increasing difficulty, so you may be skiing with someone a little weaker or stronger than you, but each of you can pick your run, then meet at the same spot at the end of the run. Check out the King Con area.

Park City Mountain Resort Ski School
Ski school for tots and small children begin and end right at the base, so it is easy to drop off and pick up your little one. Moreover, the Park City Mountain Resort ski school for little ones has just always had a good vibe and reputation. Even the instructors look like they are having fun!

Park City Mountain Resort Elevation, Snow, and Jupiter Lift
The elevation at Park City Main Street is about 7000 feet, so the elevation at the Park City Mountain Resort base is around 7100 feet. Snow conditions at the Park City Mountain Resort tend to be good from opening to closing (similar to Deer Valley).

The double diamond terrain at the Park City Mountain Resort is via the Jupiter lift. To get to the Jupiter lift you have to walk about 5 minutes from the top of the Pioneer lift or Thaynes lift to the Jupiter Lift Access run. This short walk gives folks a chance to think about trying to ski double diamonds in case they may not be up to it. The result is that most folks that are skiing Jupiter are qualified to do so and if you are back there you dont spend time having to help someone that is in over their head.

Access Using Your Car or the Park City Shuttle Bus
No matter where you stay in Park City or Deer Valley, it is easy to access the ski areas using your car or the shuttle bus. At the Park City Mountain Resort you can ski to the main base area (the little village) where there are shops, eating places, and a few drinking holes, and meet up with your friends or family. Or, you can ski down to Main Street by following the Town Lift signs.

A small word of caution, however, is that the two runs going to the Town Lift can sometimes be icy and hard packed. This isnt always the case, but just keep that in mind.