Deer Valley Resort - The Best Park City Has To Offer!

Deer Valley No Snowboards
When browsing Park City lodging options, bear in mind that Deer Valley doesnt allow snowboards.  If you or a member of your group ride a board, this place isnt for you.  Having said that, if you and your group are skiers, then this is your place!

Deer Valleys Reputation
Instead of reciting how many times the Deer Valley ski area has received recognition for being the best this or that, suffice it to say that Deer Valley is always rated one of the best ski resorts in the world. Our experience is that Deer Valley lives up to its great reputation.

Deer Valley Snow Park Lodge (lower Deer Valley)
To select the best Deer Valley accommodations, you need to know about the layout of lower and upper Deer Valley.

If you approach the lower Deer Valley ski area by car/bus/shuttle, the driver drops you off at the Snow Park Lodge where a valet helps you with your skis (helpful if you have little ones).  If the driver needs to park, he/she does so in parking lots that are easy to access, just a minute or two away.  A tram passes through the parking lot and shuttles drivers back to Snow Park Lodge to meet up with their group.

At the Snow Park Lodge base there is a restaurant, lift ticket office, ski school office, ski shop, bunny slope, and Carpenter and Wasatch high speed chair lifts that run to the upper Deer Valley (Silver Lake) area.  On non-holidays, the time from skier drop off to riding the lift is maybe 5 minutes unless you are waiting for the driver in your group to ride the tram back from the parking lot, in which case the time lag is only 10-12 minutes.

Something to understand about lower Deer Valley lodging is that many Deer Valley rentals in the lower Deer Valley area have a private ski shuttle that picks you up at your front door and drops you off at Snow Park Lodge.  So, when making a reservation in lower Deer Valley be sure to inquire if you have private ski shuttle service.  To be honest, the door-to-door service is almost as good as ski in/out.

Deer Valley - Silver Lake Lodge (upper Deer Valley)
The aforementioned Snow Park Lodge (called lower Deer Valley) is at 7200 feet.  Upper Deer Valley's Silver Lake Lodge is a lift ride away at 8100 feet via the Carpenter or Wasatch chairs. 

Most folks that start the day at Snow Park will immediately ride up to the Silver Lake Lodge area where a variety of lifts disperse skiers all over the mountain.  Most folks start the day riding up to Silver Lake from Snow Park Lodge and don't return back to Snow Park Lodge until the end of the day.

The Silver Lake area can also be accessed by car, but don't do so if you intend to park your car and ski as parking in the Silver Lake area is limited during the ski season.  If you are driving, it is best to park your car in lower Deer Valley in the Snow Park Lodge parking lot.

The Silver Lake Lodge mid-mountain area is anchored with a skier's lodge and is developed out with high end condominiums and large (some are massive) vacation homes.   The famous Stein Eriksen Lodge is at the Silver Lake base as well as several well known restaurants.  If staying in the Silver Lake area is for you, it helps to know that Deer Valley lodging in the Silver Lake area is usually 35% to 50% higher than in lower Deer Valley.

Deer Valley Silver Lake Elevation
Keep in mind that the Silver Lake area, as attractive as it is, is located at 8100 feet.  Although this is not an absolute by any means, those folks with a propensity for altitude sickness will generally be affected when sleeping at an altitude starting at 7300 to 7500 feet.

Of course, you or someone in your group may be affected as low as 5,000 feet, but it seems that the large majority of folks are affected starting at 7300 to 7500 feet.  It seems that there is a world of difference between say 7300 feet and 8100 feet in how altitude affects someone.

If you are uncertain about how altitude may affect you or someone in your party, you may want to stay below 7300 feet in the lower Deer Valley area.  That is no guarantee that all will be well, but it is better than 8100 feet.

Deer Valley Beginner to Intermediate Ski Terrain
Deer Valley has a well deserved reputation for groomed ski runs and being a great place for beginners and intermediate skiers.  Deer Valley is a great place for folks who may not want to go charging down the mountain.  The Quincy, Red Cloud, Northside, Silver, Strike, and Empire lifts access terrain from easy intermediate to advanced intermediate with green runs intertwined.  The same is true for the Wasatch lift and the Sterling lift. If you are an intermediate skier, you will love Deer Valley.

It should be mentioned that the newest Deer Valley condominiums are not in Silver Lake proper, but rather along the bottom of the Silver Strike chair lift.  There are high-quality ski in-out condominiums at the base of Silver Strike.  The condominiums are Shooting Star, Arrowleaf, Flagstaff, and Silver Strike. If you have a strong budget and want the best of the best, this is the place! 

Similar to skiing Park City Mountain Resort, if you like skiing one type of difficulty but your partner likes a slightly different difficulty, you can both pick your runs then easily meet at the lift.

Deer Valley Expert Terrain Mayflower Bowl
Deer Valley expert terrain is a well kept secret.  The Mayflower bowl is one of a kind, particularly after a big snowfall.  For some reason, the snow really piles up back there. The bowl isnt a wide open bowl, but rather a series of tree lined runs. Most runs are wide, well defined single diamond runs with room to bail out and rest.  The aspen glades in between the runs give you some great opportunities in the trees. There is some double diamond terrain as well.

The Mayflower area doesnt get a lot of skiers, so after a big snow you may have 1-2 days of fresh powder on open runs before you have to start looking for powder stashes in the trees.  Powder stashes in the trees can last 3-5 days! 

Deer Valley Expert Terrain Lady Morgan Lift
This is a relatively new lift that services some great single diamond terrain and an incredible double diamond glade (Centennial) that is out of this world.  The Lady Morgan lift is tucked away at the edge of the ski area and while it services some great expert terrain, there are easy routes down so this area can be enjoyed by skiers of all abilities. 

Unlike the Park City Mountain Resort or the Canyons, when you ski expert terrain at Deer Valley, you are often in the company of only a few other skiers.  Even during busy periods you can enjoy relative privacy on Deer Valleys expert terrain.

Deer Valley Restaurants
The variety and quality of the food at Deer Valley is beyond compare.  Whether you are a beginning skier or an expert skier, everyone appreciates the time and effort that goes into good food.  Whether you are at Snow Park Lodge, Silver Lake Lodge, or Empire Pass Lodge, the quality is always outstanding.  In addition, the lodges are spacious and architecturally impressive.

The "signature" Deer Valley restaurant is the Glitretend at the Stein Eriksen Lodge with its famous skier's buffet.  However, the Glitretend now finds itself in competition with the highly regarded J&G Grill at the St. Regis Hotel. 

We could go on and on about Deer Valley lodging, Deer Valley restaurants, or Deer Valley skiing,  but what you need to do is experience it for yourself.  Book a Deer Valley ski vacation and you will have the time of your life!